In today’s technology obsessed world, the value of skills needed to build something with one’s hands are often overlooked. The
craft of woodworking disappears in the shadow of website design, plumbing is trumped by systems analytics and no one seems
interested in learning how to cut and glue a cabinet. Instead everyone is fascinated by cutting and pasting photos to the internet.
And while either technology or a trade can lead to a successful career, the trades are often a forgotten option when young people
are planning on their future. The trades also escape the view of many who will shape those futures.
It is rather ironic that one of the hottest trends on the internet, and in the public spotlight, is a fascination with tiny houses. To
build a tiny house requires multiple trade skills. Many who are buying tiny houses have technology jobs, but not the skills needed
to build a tiny house. A prominent aspect of the tiny house movement is self sustainability. Living off the grid and recycling, using
renewable fuel sources, leaving a smaller footprint and in general, doing things with your own hands is important to many people
interested in tiny houses. What could be more self sufficient than building your own tiny house?
Bear Creek Tiny Houses: Big Stories is a program designed guide students working with instructors and skilled professionals to
design and build a tiny house. A documentary of he entire process will capture the personal growth of the students as they learn
new skills, team work and the joy of accomplishing a long term project.
With the skills acquired in this program, some of these students will choose a career in the trades where they can apply what they
have learned here, others will seek other paths in their future endeavors. In either case, the valuable life lessons learned in this
project can be applied to everyday life-leading some to build their very own tiny house.